Morgan Green is a Chicago-based artist, writer, and coder. She uses computer programming to work with and around language. The linguistic roots of computation make it a rich source of insight into larger questions of signifying, and Green exploits this richness in her practice. She writes code to test the edges of procedure-driven expression, automating the production of texts and text-like forms. In this way, she frames tech and text as nested systems, which influence behavior and produce meaning. She is interested in how these systems can be intrinsically queer, and yet fail to accommodate queerness. She frames this paradox as the result of humankind's strange relationship to machine intelligence: we see our devices simultaneously as our lifeless servants and immortal progeny . Green's work has appeared at galleries and film festivals throughout the United States, and been collected by public institutions including the Special Collections at Amherst College and the Riverside Public Library. She teaches creative computation at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

b. 1989, Madison, WI
based in Los Angeles and Chicago

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